Schiff Speaks After Release Of Transcripts Of Closed-Door Testimony

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Rep. Adam Schiff says deposition transcripts will show Republicans were able to ask questions.

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7 thoughts on “Schiff Speaks After Release Of Transcripts Of Closed-Door Testimony

  1. Schiff lies about everything because he knows the truth will destroy him. He really isnt a very smart person. He knows he will be made a fool of if he has said that he has proof. Here we go again, more of his Mueller words of I have all the information about Trump’s lies and we are just waiting for one more. THE IDIOT HAD NOTHING!! HE HAS NOTHING NOW, EITHER. He thinks he is a con artist who can tell lies and make people believe what he has said. Both sides hate SCHIFF and his partner in crime, the crazed gun person who is going to use nukes on people if they wont give up their gun/s.Schiff should be impeached for creating lies against our president. I know he gets lots of money from his sister’s husband, a son of Soros. Isnt that convenient.

  2. He even looks like a shady, shifty traitor.. Bug eyes and all. HE is guilty of obstruction. I do not understand how they can start impeachment proceedings before our president even took office. The DO NOTHING Congress, as far as the business of the country is concerned, will all be voted out of office. This is the real picture of the SWAMP that needs clearing. May God help our country.

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