Whitaker On The Upcoming Release Of DOJ IG’s Report On Russia Probe

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U.S Attorney General Bill Barr drops hints Justice Department Inspector General’s report on the origins of the Russia probe ‘imminent.’ Former acting attorney general joins ‘The Story’ to share why he thinks the report will be the most ‘consequential report’ we’ve had in many years.

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57 thoughts on “Whitaker On The Upcoming Release Of DOJ IG’s Report On Russia Probe

  1. I am more than convinced that DOJ IG Horowitz is a key “deep State” person, and should be fires immediately. He has slow-walked his report to absolve ALL Obama -era traitors , from Brennan to the resent “whitleblower”. His plan is to let corrupt Adam Schiff and Mafia Nancy Pelosi proceed smoothly to the Trump impeachment hearing.

    1. If it becomes clear that this is so, Bill Barr will take care of this through his own offices. Anyone who reads Barr or listens to Barr can remain absolutely confident that Deep State shenanigans will simply not be tolerated or allowed to stand. His understanding of the Law and his high regard for Legality in Governmental actions will not allow for anything else. The Demoncrats are hard at work trying to demonize him as they fear him more than President Trump.

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