Trump Pardon In Line With US Whitewashing War Crimes – Chris Hedges

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US President Donald Trump’s pardon of three military officers who were convicted of committing war crimes has drawn criticism. Former New York Times war correspondent and “On Contact” host Chris Hedges weighs in. He also discusses the Times’ coverage of an alleged leak of Iranian intelligence cables.

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36 thoughts on “Trump Pardon In Line With US Whitewashing War Crimes – Chris Hedges

    1. He needs to go into combat and I believe he might have a different attitude. I can not imagine how difficult it would be to have the kind of “rules of engagement” that were placed on our soldiers.

      1. Lorene, I did not read Chris Hedges article. I cannot imagine being in the split seconds our U.S.of A. Military, making life and death choices. Their HANDS were tied under the Previous Chief of Staff, B.H. Obama. Do you remember that many received pink slips while being on the fields of war engagement. I cannot imagine, a person is FIRED, while under enemy fire. ( I know their might be a handful of Military that has done wrong ), but overall I believe that 99.9% are there to stay alive and to protect The UNITED STATES of AMERICA and our ALLIES. I am thankful that President Donald J. Trump pardoned and reinstated Military Rank. I am sure there are many more setting in Leavenworth, wrongly accused. I so hope President is able to look at each person that should be pardoned and set free, he will do that and soon.

        1. Just another anti American Military snowflake crapping over himself because a Terrorist got his clock cleaned and the threat to others has been removed. I would
          almost bet he has an ISIS flag over his desk and slamms the ground five times
          at day toward mehole.

          1. Mr. Maxwell … I not only agree with you a hundred percent, I’ll go a step or two further … I would like to see President Trump PARDON and RESTORE each and every military person, court martialed, convicted and imprisoned under the GDFing Obama administration! INCLUDING everyone who was “thrown under the bus for that Abu Garab (or however-the-hell it’s spelled! ALL those covicted were enlisted people! One general officer (a female brigadier) was relieved of command of the prison. All because a daisy-chain group of limp-wristed, chicken-sh!t, apple-polishers were upset because of bunch Islamic jihadists were humiliated! Such a CROCK!

      2. Lorene: From the late 60’s through early 90’s I commanded various combat units in 5 nations, on 3 continents – multiple times. There was one thing that was always present. We, Americans, were the only people in combat who were held to a code of conduct. That placed us at a great disadvantage in combat. People today have no idea how many Americans die due to that policy. If it had been them or a loved one they might think different.

        1. You are Spot On!!! Their are No Nice Or Good Wars They Should Be Fought To WIN! Men Women an Children Die A Sad fact of War… To Win means to Achieve Goals and have As Little American Casualties..

      3. Very true! These “Monday Morning Quarterbacks” have absolutely no idea of the perils OUR SOLDIERS face . Every minute of every day their stress level is palpable. They are protecting all of us…As a NYer , married to retired ( now) law enforcement HOW CAN ANY AMERICAN NOT REMEMBER 9/11 !!! It turns my stomach & breaks my heart.

    1. Obama pardoned the traitors , Bradley Manning & Berghdal, 1700 convicted felons that were in prison and released numerous illegal aliens into our country. No outrage from the left- wing nuts then!

  1. Your survey is so slanted as to be worthless in any real sense. I know you look ve Sir Donald but his divisiveness is tearing the foundation for f democracy apart and your yes men who always affirm their allegiance to him , shows everyone else how big this problem has become. I would prefer the president was trying to bring the country back together rather then show how bigheaded and limited a leader he has become

    1. Paur: boring repetition of the leftist-matriarchal elitest establishment line – psychotic projection is all the commies have.

    2. Frederick Pauer, I bet you were a “YES” man for Obama. That man got away with lots of things, made his own laws—DACA–the loads of money given to Iran and countless other things yet no one on the Left seemed to care at all and they talked about him as if he were the second coming of Jesus. Obama said jobs couldn’t come back–it was a dream, yet Trump brought them back. More people of all colors are working now then in the history of this Country. Yet you can’t asknowledge this one fact.

    3. Who’s the yes man? Look in the mirror! We believe in the Constitution, Family, Freedom and the right to life. God is the one we say YES to . As long as Trump is trying to keep our Country going in the direction against “Socialism” I for one (a veteran) will say YES. He isn’t infallible, as is no one on this earth. Obama gave me the same feelings that you are proclaiming about Trump. Only I chose to Pray for the man. You and your political group only live for the thrill to put the President down . I lived my whole life without the strife we’ve had since Obama became President. I for one am sick and tired of the democrats spending money left and right to make accusations against the President and do NOTHING for our Country! Fortunately for you, our Constitution gives you the freedom to your own thinking. Thanks to my dad that fought in WWII, Uncles in KOREA, Brother and Cousins in VIETNAM and nephews in the MID EAST. I too served during VIETNAM. God watch over you.

    4. Pauer, go fight for the USA instead of bash it. There are no pacifist in a fire fight, or not for long anyway. I would trade hundreds of dead muslims for one American soldier.

    5. Dont need to even ask ur ignorant comment states ur ignorance! Greatest President who loves the Americans and for the love of our Country, but ur jerk Obama a worthless pos attempted his best to destroy Our Country! Of course u r one of the lunatic Dems or derranged Liberal we can always tell by ur ignorance u show

  2. POTUS and his family have been under attack since Hillary woke up after the election. SO why should he give a “flying F–k” about trying to appease the Left? He shouldn’t!

      1. No LMFAO, it means you are ignorant with your head buried in the sand. Wake up! Open your eyes and do some intellectual research and knowledge gathering before you open your ignorant mouth!

  3. I agree with President Trumps’ decision to pardon these soldiers. How do you put them in a war situation and then put them in jail for war crimes? If they do not want war crimes then do not engage in any kind of war.

  4. This idiot thinks that war is a game and we should all p;lay nice. I’m very happy that President Trump pardoned these soldiers. Anything coming from the NYT is anti American anyhow.

  5. You don’t have time to sit and calmly think about what if in a combat zone. You have seconds to save your life and other men and women lives. When you have had to make these decisions then criticize.

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