Intel Silence Over Epstein Is ‘Mystery Of Mysteries’ – Lionel

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In the wake of the highly anticipated BBC interview with Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts-Giuffre, in which she described her alleged sexual relationship with Prince Andrew as “quick and disgusting,” legal and media analyst Lionel returns to In Question to break down the implications.

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11 thoughts on “Intel Silence Over Epstein Is ‘Mystery Of Mysteries’ – Lionel

    1. No Trump is not crazy, you are, Jim Bob. If you cannot understand how you’ve been taken , explain to me how Obama, who was almost broke when he became Potus, was able to afford a multi million dolllar mansion in Washington on a $250 k yearly salary. How dumb can you get?

      1. Open your eyes. Obama gave terrorist billions of dollars hiding it in the dark. Hillary destroyed the evidence of her emails. Clinton’s were sick perverts going to Eosteins island. On and on it goes. Their was so much corruption before Trump and he is trying to get to the bottom of it. That’s why the dems hate him. Lest they be exposed. They are accusing him of what they actually did. Biden bribing the Ukrainian “fire him or dont get billion dollars” Hillary buying a fake RUSSIAN dossier. Come on wake up.

      2. How do you figure Trump is despicable? You lefties are so completely stupid that you wouldn’t vote for Jesus Christ if He wasn’t a leftist fool like you.

  1. Ignore the liberal trolls we all know they have little to no common sense and run on a motion minded thinking which is pure chaos. bless their hearts

  2. All constitution loving Americans should prepare themselves and teach your children about our constitution our founding and what Liberty means. Because the day is coming when they will have to fight these jackels to preserve it! Teach them train them because my fellow Patriots that day is nearing.

  3. There are those so closed minded to the truth of any matter. That no matter how obvious it would appear there is no way their diseased incapable brain could ever recognize it for what is is! I’m all for buying then a bus ticket or what ever it would take to help then relocate to one of those “heavenly” Socialist countries so they could live the democratic dream. And let me live my own dream of having a free country to express myself and achieve my own level according to my abilities! And three things that don’t hang themselves! Drywall- christmas ornaments and EPSTEIN!

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