Larry King Slams MSNBC For Not Questioning More

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the RT America YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Broadcasting icon Larry King joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the role of the decline of actually posing questions in the course of journalism. He says that modern pundit-centered newscasts compare unfavorably to previous ways of presenting the news. They also discuss RT and other networks’ role in the digital news environment.

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7 thoughts on “Larry King Slams MSNBC For Not Questioning More

  1. MSNBC and CNN are two of the news stations that the citizens should just never watch for all they do is lie to the public!!! For three years now we have gotten nothing but lies from them, everyone of the people on these two stations that host the show will give us we just got breaking news and every time for three years have turned out to be a lie or just a nothing burger!!! These two stations twist the truth to fit their agenda all the time and will try like crazy to divide all of us by not telling facts about are police officers having to shoot someone or how are police used excessive force on someone even with getting all the facts!!! I was so happy that the media jumped all on the Jesse Smollet story without even waiting for all the facts!!! But yet they called out bias actions done by Trump supporters!!! These two stations do this all the time just to try and divide us all, but I was so glad that they had to eat their words on this story!!!!

  2. russia today has become the flagship of truth
    the contrary proverb of totalitarians is ask us no questions and we will tell you no lies
    this is the real motto for the Chinese government and the Democratic Party (Biden and Schitt and Pelosi especially)
    that part of the controversy should also be discussed

  3. I honestly thought that Larry King was dead. I thought that I saw Latty on TV interviewing someone and he cut a big farts and keeled over dead and if you look at him now I was not too far off

  4. How the msm has covered the news since President Trump took office the false coverage, soft pedaling of facts, doctored reports and nterviews has left no place hardly to find factual news. MSM has become a total disgrace to reporting news.

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