Gutfeld: Impeachment Is One Big, Fat Prank Being Played On You And Me

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

The Democrats have orchestrated a phony show trial using your tax dollars and my cable channel.

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29 thoughts on “Gutfeld: Impeachment Is One Big, Fat Prank Being Played On You And Me

  1. The Democraps should be required to return all the taxpayer funds they have wasted over the past 3+ years with their games to get rid of our President and not follow the will of the American voters. It also should be made so they can not alter the outcome of the American Citizen votes in the 2020 election.

    1. And they should be required to return all pay they received during this time. If you or I had been involved in phony nonsense like this at our jobs, we would have been fired.

      1. Well, Trump asked for investigation into corruption in the Ukrain. Isn’t taking money from a foreign country a violation of our election process and laws? I believe Hunter was funneling (laundrying) money from Ukrain into Joe’s campaign.

      1. Visit any big city Ron by Democrats and you will be visiting a 3rd world country! DemocRATS are clueless on how to fix anything and there cure is always the same throw more good money into it! Look Obama have Baltimore 5 billion dollars and not one cent can be accountable. Maybe that 16 million dollar home Obama bought was some of that 5 billion!

  2. Efforts to impeach anyone without a legal cause for the action can cause a lot of trouble and expense but those efforts will not succeed without the legal cause. There is no legal cause for impeachment of President Donald Trump.

    1. Wrong, the Legal cause for impeaching CRAZY donald & D for DUMB Is The Past 4 Years Of The PROVEN INSANITY of That CONCEITED, STUPID SICKO, That Oval Office BLOND HAIRED, BRAINLESS ORANGUTAN APE!

    2. You are correct Marcia. No legal cause to impeach, just the crazy dems doing what they can so they can destroy more of America. Go Trump in 2020. we need his honesty, and committment to the this country now more than ever.

  3. at least nadler the clown stayed awake today. al green always likes to sound smarter then he actually is and uses words half the time i wonder if he knows what they mean. democraps and libturds ought to have to pay tax payers the money that they’ve wasted on this impeachment coup and the russian hoax and the money they were paid to do their jobs which they haven’t done. what a waste of millions of tax payer money.

  4. Perhaps the demorats are looking for a civil war. Many folks are weary of it.
    Hope Not.
    You can not have so many divisive factions in a country and survive.
    Too many differences from too many groups.
    The rouge folks want the white people to go away. It ain’t going to happen.

    1. That’s why vladi is laughing. The republicans can’t see past their recently refilled cash bags and see what trump has done to set all of America squabbling while vladi continues his invasion of our infrastructure. They have already hacked our electrical grid. Please listen and find out what is actually going on.

  5. With all the crap the democrats has done to America, there is only one thing to do, round the Socialist demo up and start HANGING then by the neck till dead for High crimes of TREASON/TERRORISM.

    1. Nothing Compares To Almost 4 Years Of A Pair Of trump TRASH! In the 2020 election, America Both Deserves & Needs More Than A BEDBUG & A BIMBO, A WORM & A WHORE in The WHITE HOUSE!

      1. You must know a thing or two about being a whore. We will get 4 more years of an honest president that won’t come out of the white house rich like the manly michelle, the ugliest first lady to date. She is more manly than her husband with his big ears. Talk about two people in the white house that should have been hidden behind a screen. We had 8 years of their getting rich off of our backs. Lets not forget the Fast and Furious, The IRS scandal, Benghazi, the cash delivered to our enemy. Yeah they were putting American people first. Maybe that is what the Dems want, corruption.


    1. Sorry Betty , the apes on now living on Martha’s Vinyard, thanks to the American people. They didn’t make that kind of money on his salary.

  7. What is wrong with you people so against our PRESIDENT? what has his wife and youngest son has done? That you call Melanie a white and a bingo. Do you people think having a good economy and jobs are bad. Stopping illegals from coming here is bad? Our President is just trying to make America great again. Obama and Biden just about destroyed us. If Trump doesn’t get reelected let see how you like a socialist and communist country. See how you will like having your rights taken away

  8. The Dems are very scared!!! Trump wasn’t voted in because of any Russian influence, we knew we couldn’t let Hillary near the government again ever. She is so corrupt, and Trump was refreshing. He wasn’t a politician that spoke out of both sides of his mouth. Complete idiots trying to tell us we were influenced by the Russians. You just don’t get it at all. we voted for Trump because we knew he would not steal and come out of the White House rich like Obama just did. Trump will never be removed from office, and we will once again vote for the man that can’t be bought or told what to do. He is making America great again, and the next 4 years will not be any different, especially when we take the house, and remove those criminals like Pelosi, Nadler, Swalwell, and especially the liar Schiff. Throw them out of office and start cleaning up our government.

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