Judge Jeanine: Democrats Have Just Guaranteed Trump’s Reelection

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America is furious with the Democrats and their impeachment antics.

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8 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine: Democrats Have Just Guaranteed Trump’s Reelection

  1. Every patient of mine out of 20,000 patients that had serere mental problems or Alzheimers was a heavy TV watcher, therefore I don’t watch TV. However Judge Jeanine is the most honest and wise judge I have ever observed. She is totally correct again!

  2. this witch is no more a catholic than satan and gives catholics a bad name. she’s a liar and hater and wouldn’t know how to pray if her life depended on it.

    1. Pocahontas Warren is 1/1024th indian and 1023/1024th Socialist LIAR.
      Nasty Nancy Pelosi is 1 /1024th Catholic and 1023/1024th Satanic LIAR.
      TRUMP/PENCE ~ 2020 ~ KAG ~ WWG1WGA

  3. DR 25oct19
    ITS TIME FOR THE PEOPLE TO RISE UP AGAINST THE EVIL DEMOCRATS ACROSS THIS COUNTRY BY TAKING OUT LARGE SCALE PROCESSIONS IN EVERY STATE TO PROTEST THE DESTRUCTION OF THE CONSTITUTION BY CORRUPT DEMOCRAT LEADERS WHO HAVE BECOME ROGUES AND WILL CHEAT AND LIE TO THE PEOPLE ON BOTH SIDES THE ISLE, THE PEOPLE MUST RISE UP BOTH DEMS AND REPUB AND JOIN P/TRUMP IN his fight against dems corruption to authoritarian socialism who fight for power by any way possible and to suppress the very people who support them and if elected to rule will enforce their authority by law enforcement and to give full support to illegal immigrants they would favor over their citizens, and then it will be to late once dems in power the people will suffer by their choices they make. WISE UP PEOPLE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE RICH AND POWERFUL WHEN THEY CHIRP ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT FOR THEY DO WHATEVER THEY CAN IN THEIR OWN INTEREST AND NOT YOURS THEY COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT YOU WHETHER YOUR LIVING OR DEAD.

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