Nat’l Security Adviser: Trump’s ‘Maximum Pressure’ Campaign Against Iran Is Working

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White House National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien joins Chris Wallace on ‘Fox News Sunday.’

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3 thoughts on “Nat’l Security Adviser: Trump’s ‘Maximum Pressure’ Campaign Against Iran Is Working

  1. The Iranian people want their country to be more like America!
    They are tired of having no jobs, and watching their money be used to support terrorists, and wars in foreign countries, while they suffer!
    This is exactly what George W. Bush and Obama did as Presidents, they both sent our jobs, and tax dollars to foreign countries, while America suffered!
    Our last 3 Presidents sold out America, and cared more about helping foreign countries, than helping Americans!

  2. Iran was NEVER in the deal. THey NEVER signed!!!!!
    Where do you think they got the weapons to attack around the world???
    Had they been actually in the deal, then they would have had “0” weapons to attack anyone.
    What is wrong with Wallace??????
    THe sanctions are working.. and if the Obama administration had maintained sanctioned, things would never have escalated to where they are today.
    Now Europe is about to join in importing sanctions on Iran!!!

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