41% of Voter Says Biden is MORE LIBERAL Than They Are

(ConservativePeak.com)- While polls continually show that Biden is beating President Trump in swing states, other polls are showing warning signs for the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate. A new survey published on Wednesday shows that some 41% of registered voters believe that Joe Biden is “more liberal” than they are, something that is likely going to become increasingly problematic for Biden in a country currently under attack by far-left radicals.

Will the average American want to vote for somebody that represents the ideological actors behind the violent riots sweeping through American cities?

The survey, conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of Politico, was done between June 26 and 29. Pollsters asked 1,984 registered voters what they thought about Biden in the wake of his recent polling leads over the president. The results showed that a huge portion of voters believe Biden holds views that aren’t within the normal political mainstream.

Some 41% of respondents said they believed Biden was more liberal than they are, and only 27% of people said they thought Biden was “about the same” as they are. This is troubling for Biden, who despite doing well in the polls right now, could put off a huge portion of his own Democrat base if he continues pandering to the extreme left in his party.

Biden might traditionally be a “moderate,” but if he’s taking advice from ex-Bernie Sanders economic advisers (which he is) and appointing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as an adviser to his campaign (which he is) then that could seriously make people reconsider their support for him.

Roughly 40% of non-college-educated voters said that they thought Biden was more liberal than they are, too, which is a particular problem for Biden. This is a huge voting block, and if people think he’s too extreme, then why wouldn’t they go back to voting for President Trump? The president did, after all, recently sign an executive order that changes the way federal agencies hire people, removing the need for employees to have a degree.

Take a look yourself at the results here, and ask yourself…is this consistent with the polls published by the mainstream press that suggest Biden is set to sail through the November election and defeat Trump?