ABC Reporters Told Not To Use “Pedophile” Term To Describe Child Molesters

( ABC in Australia is just as radically left-wing as ABC in America, it seems, with reporters from the media outlet down under reportedly being told not to use the term “pedophile” to refer to sexual predators who prey on children.


Because “not all pedophiles abuse children.”

A shocking report from RT revealed how a leaked email to staff in the company, from a senior producer at ABC Tasmania, said that using the term may be “discouraging” for pedophiles who have not committed a crime to seek help.

“We should avoid the term pedophile, unless we know he had a clinical diagnosis of pedophilia and instead use serial sexual offender/predator, or a sexual abuser of children and young people,” the producer said in the email.

The senior producer said that the Sexual Assault Support Service had “mentioned their concerns” about the network using the term “pedophile” to describe former nurse James Geoffrey Griffin, who committed suicide in 2019 after allegations about him being a pedophile were made public.

Accusations against Griffin went back to the 1980s, and following a police search of his home back in 2019, authorities discovered a “significant amount of child exploitation material.” He was later charged with over a dozen crimes.

Does his suicide sound like a good reason to stop accurately describing pedophiles and pedophiles, to you?

The email to ABC staff also warned that the SASS believes there are many pedophiles who “do not act on those impulses.” Well, the email actually referred to “people with pedophilia” rather than “pedophiles.” But let’s not split hairs.

The producer specifically said that anchors and journalists calling Griffin a pedophile, which he was, could “discourage” non-offending pedophiles from seeking help, and therefore “making it more likely that they go on to abuse children.”

So let’s get this straight…ABC Tasmania thinks calling pedophiles pedophiles is more likely to make pedophiles abuse children.

Wouldn’t normalizing pedophilia do precisely the same thing?

The Australian, a national Australian newspaper, said that the email “concerned and angered” many reporters at the outlet, as well as many activists against child abuse.

But ABC insists that the word has not been banned and that the email was sent “to inform staff about information from the Sexual Assault Support Service” and “shouldn’t have conveyed any official change in language use.”

Just wait until the Democrats start spouting the same nonsense here, too…