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About Conservative Peak

Tired of turning on the news only to find mainstream media manipulating the truth and twisting a story to fit their pre-planned agenda? Our editors were tired of the same thing and set out on a mission – to provide the best, unbiased, factual reporting possible to our valued readers.

Conservative Peak subscribers hold similar values. We’re all intensely focused on protecting the truth, supporting fair reporting, seeing justice served, and protecting the American way of life. We’re avidly against the dissemination of misleading information, fake news, and corruption. Our readers deserve news, and lives, free of racial division, assaults on their environment, and assaults on their Constitutional freedoms.

Each day our editors review hundreds of news stories, sifting through the bias and opinions to uncover the most important, fact-based points in every story. We strive to share all points of view, but aim to do so in a way that is free of bias, sensationalism, and editorialized opinion.

You deserve news you can trust. The editors at Conservative Peak hope you’ll find just that right here on our pages. Our goal is to make sure you have all of the information you need to protect your family, your household, and your constitutional freedoms and rights. Exposing the truth about government spending, bloated legislation, and our leaders is just the beginning.

The team at Conservative Peak values each and every one of our readers. We hope the stories you find on our pages will help you to start each day feeling informed, whether you’re relaxing over a cup of coffee or reading on the go.

Have a hot tip? See an error? Have a question or concern? Never hesitate to reach out to us. We appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts and opinions and will do all we can to meet your expectations each and every day. Simply reply to one of our news sends or email us at today(at)conservativepeak.com. We’re here for you.

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