Al Sharpton Threatens To Spread Fake News To End Filibuster

( Far-left extremist and race activist Al Sharpton admitted during a recent interview with Politico that he aims to smear Democrats who don’t support ending the filibuster as “racist.” It’s the latest terrifying development in the efforts from Democrats and their allies to end the 60-vote requirement to pass legislation in the Senate which would allow the Democrats to pass radical and damaging policies over the next two years with no Republican input whatsoever.

Sharpton admitted to targeting Democratic Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and KyrstenSinema, who have both ruled out voting to change the policy.

Under current rules, Senators can stop legislation progressing via filibuster, with a 60-vote requirement ensuring that a simple majority in the Senate cannot push through highly partisan bills. It means that both parties must seek compromise to pass legislation and ensures that the country remains relatively stable rather than radically changing every two years.

On Thursday, Sharpton detailed his plan of accusing the two of “supporting and facilitating white supremacy” if they don’t do what he says.

“The pressure that we are going to put on Sinema and Manchin is calling the filibuster racist and saying what they are, in effect, supporting racism,” he claimed. “Why would they be wedded to something that has those results? Their voters need to know that.”

Their voters need to know that…or he wants voters to believe his lie?

“Many of us, and certainly all of us in the civil rights leadership, are committed to policies and laws and causes, not to people’s political careers,” he said, indicating his willingness to hurt Sinema and Manchin’s careers in the name of getting what he wants.

“We’re not into that. We want to change the country. And if there is not feasible evidence that we’re doing that, it is not in our concern to be aggressively involved,” he said.

A wider campaign to get Sinema and Manchin on board with the extremist idea is currently ongoing, too. Democrats hope that removing the filibuster will give them the power to pass the likes of the “For the People Act,” a proposed law that would punish states for not permanently making it easy for people to commit voter fraud.

If they can hang on until the Republicans potentially take back the House in 2022, the issue might become moot. And if the Republicans take back the Senate, just watch as the Democrats suddenly oppose removing the filibuster.