AOC Looking To Assume HIGHER Office, Ponders Life After House Of Representatives

( Far-left congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears to be looking beyond her career in the House of Representatives, suggesting during a Vanity Fair interview that she has aspirations to move into higher office or do something different.

The freshman congresswoman, who is one of the most recognizably far-left members of Congress in America, said that she doesn’t know if she would be “staying in the House forever,” or that if she does stay in the House, “what that would look like.”

“I don’t see myself really staying where I’m at for the rest of my life,” she told the left-wing media outlet.

Her comments could mean that she is looking to enter higher office, perhaps move to the Senate, perhaps seek a role in Congressional leadership, or maybe even run for president one day. When she is old enough, that is.

It’s not the first time there have been reports that AOC is looking to go beyond her position in the House of Representatives, too. In January, back in normal times when the country wasn’t shutting down to avoid the spread of COVID-19, New York Magazine reported how sources close to the far-left congresswoman were talking about her possibly running to become the next mayor of New York City.

The sources claimed that the possibility of running in 2021 to replace Mayor Bill De Blasio was initially on the cards, but that they soon ruled it out. For now, it seems, she is staying in her position in the House of Representatives.

AOC’s interview with Vanity Fair comes as she is revealed as the front-page model for their December cover.

“Two elections in, the congresswoman is still fighting the fight-and she’s as sure as she’s ever been,” Vanity Fair said in a tweet.

The magazine offers a detailed interview and piece on the radical progressive congresswoman, detailing her plans for the next four years. AOC also reportedly talks about the influence her father had on her political life, which is interesting, given that AOC was literally chosen by a far-left activist group to be a candidate for a pre-made campaign. Before she was chosen by the group, AOC was a barmaid, not a political worker.