AOC Says Illegals Are “Afraid” to Go to the Doctor Because of Donald Trump

( New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez once again nailed her colors to the mast of protecting illegal immigrants, even after the Supreme Court ruled that it is illegal to encourage illegal immigrants to stay in the United States. This week, AOC argued that President Donald Trump is making it scary for illegal immigrants to seek medical attention if they exhibit coronavirus symptoms.

“He has been contributing to the health inequities by targeting communities like ours,” she said. “He’s made people afraid to go to the doctor because they are concerned that ICE will pick them up in the E.R.”

AOC made the comments during a discussion on ABC’s Nightline.

She didn’t address the fact that perhaps it’s their own fault for being illegally present in a country in the first place. Should we blame politicians if a burglar or murderer was scared to go to the hospital in case the police arrested them?

Ocasio-Cortez even argued that it is “selfish” for the politicians to begin putting reopening measures in place and that the government should be giving free health care and stimulus checks (free money) to illegal immigrants. Her argument? That doing so would help illegal immigrants avoid spreading the disease to other people.

“When you don’t have health insurance and you are scared to go to the doctor, your decisions around your own health become primarily a financial decision,” she said, before suggesting for illegal immigrants it’s a matter of “gambling.”

Her solution, she says, is to consider “inequality” and “poverty” as “pre-existing conditions,” whatever that means.

“To me, an essential worker is any person in this country that is helping keep the lights on and helping us live day by day,” she said in reference to the millions of people illegally working in the United States. She and California Governor Gavin Newsome would agree on this issue, as the Democratic politician recently gave $75 million of taxpayers’ money to illegal immigrants across his state. He justified it to the press by saying as much as 10% of the Californian workforce consisted of illegals.

Sounds like Americans could really benefit from an additional 10% of vacant jobs once the job market and economy reopen!