AOC & The “Squad” Pressure Joe Biden To Adopt INSANE Green New Deal

( He’s not even president yet (and still might not have won) but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Squad” of radical progressives are already putting a huge amount of pressure on Joe Biden to adopt their extremist environmental policies.

Late last week, Ocasio-Cortez and her gang of congressional radicals protested outside in Washington, D.C., calling on Biden to approve their $100 trillion Green New Deal.

AOC and others rallied outside of the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, perhaps symbolizing their struggle as “Outsiders” in the party. Speaking into a mic and wearing a mask, AOC claimed that the climate is a “top-three issue for voters across the country.”

“It is about time that our Congress and our administration starts acting like it,” she added. “It’s way past time.”

Ocasio-Cortez also ranted about race, praising the separate work of the indigenous communities and Black Lives Matter. She described the climate as an “intersectional” issue, which means it is something that the very divided racial groups in the Democratic Party and among the radical left can unite on.

She also made it clear that she would insist that Biden keeps his “promise” if he becomes the next president, in what sounded like a threat. She said that she and other radical progressives have a “seat at the table” and that they wouldn’t stop at the $2 trillion Biden has already pledged on climate change.

“We have worked with the Biden administration to secure commitment on a $2 trillion climate plan,” she said. “Two trillion dollars. But we’re not gonna stop there. We’re not gonna stop with a piece of paper. That’s not what’s gonna happen. We’re not gonna forget about that agreement for the sake of an election, are we?”

It’s perhaps not surprising that $2 trillion isn’t enough for AOC and her colleagues, given that her original Green New Deal cost 50 times that.

Cori Bush, a Black Lives Matter activist who was just elected to Congress on November 3, also appeared at the rally. Bush is expected to become the latest member of the Squad, given her support for Antifa and BLM.

“When we don’t act, people who look like me die,” she claimed, suggesting that America is systemically racist and killing black people.

The rally made it very clear that Biden won’t get away with doing the bare minimum to keep the radical wing of his party happy. AOC wants the gull Green New Deal and the growing number of radical progressives in her party means that it might not be off the table after all.