Armed Patriots Stop Wannabe Mass Shooter

( The principle of good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns was proven once again on Saturday when armed citizens stopped a wannabe mass shooter.

When an incident broke out at a gun range and store near the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, armed citizens intervened and minimized the number of fatalities caused by the crazed gunman. Two people were left wounded and three people were killed during the tragedy.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office revealed how arriving deputies “located several victims suffering from gunshot wounds” and that “three individuals were pronounced dead on the scene.”

Two others were transported to a nearby hospital, and are currently in stable condition.

The Sheriff’s office revealed how a suspect shot two victims at the range, before being engaged by armed citizens and shot outside of the local by several other armed citizens. The suspect is one of the deceased people from the scene.

Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said that the local police are still “trying to put it all together” to determine precisely what happened.

The Hindustan Times reported that Wanetta Joseph and Tyrone Russell who were taking a conceal-and-carry course at the story heard rapid firing that sounded much louder than the shooting they would hear in the shooting range.

“We heard the gunshots and the screaming,” Russell said. “When the police came, they escorted us out. I could see glass everywhere…It was just like a really scary scene.”

Wanetta Joseph said that she and other students hid under a table, unaware if there was only one or multiple shooters in the building. An instructor stayed with students while two other instructors left and headed toward the gunfire.

Russell described seeing the shooter “laid out” in the parking lot after being struck by good guys with guns, and said broken glass was scattered around him.

The New Orleans Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives office announced on February 20 that they had sent special agents to assist with the ongoing investigation.

Screens were used to shield bodies from view outside of the venue, and a nearby Taco Bell restaurant was evacuated as a precaution.

A handgun with an extended magazine was also reportedly seen on the ground.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is plowing ahead with his plans to tax Americans $200 for every firearm that his administration deems an “assault” weapon.

Sure, take the guns away from the good guys. Sounds like a great idea…