Army Deployed At Greek Border, Gangs Of Illegals Turn Violent

( – The Greek Army was deployed to the European Union’s external border over the weekend as illegal migrants attempted to enter the country under orders from the Turkish President. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the controversial leader of Turkey’s Islamist government, told migrants that the border between Turkey and Greece was open and that they should pass through it.

The move is widely considered to be a retaliation to the West’s refusal to back Erdogan’s decision to annex northern Syria. His decision resulted in a tense military clash with Syria as well as allied Russia, Hezbollah, and Iran.

Until recently, Erdogan was receiving billions of Euros from Western governments in order to keep the flow of illegal migrants under control. However, Erdogan has since reneged on the deal and is now encouraging tens of thousands of illegals to storm the border. Many of those migrants are attempting to cross the border in unmarked buses.

It hasn’t changed the fact, however, that the Greek border remains closed. Erdogan simply lied. It resulted in mobs of illegal migrants turning up to the border over the weekend, where they were met by the Greek military. Fights ensued, with missiles hurled at the military, fired, and riots. Even tear gas canisters were used in an attempt to keep the crowd under control, and so far the Greeks have managed to control much of the attempted invasion. However, it has resulted in serious damage done to border security and many injuries have occurred in the process.

Large sections of border fence have been destroyed while many others attempted to cross the border over the River Evros.

As a result of the escalation from Turkey, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has decided to end all asylum applications into the country, meaning that even those who want to go through the process legitimately will be automatically denied. Mitsotakis cited the fact that “the level of deterrence at our borders [has been increased] to the maximum” as a reason for taking the tough decision.

While it is technically illegal under EU asylum and immigration rules, Mitsotakissaid his government had activated an emergency clause in EU treaties to make it possible.