Army Gears Up For “Laser Shoot-Off” With New Tech

( According to a report from the Washington Times, the United States Army is inching ever closer to installing laser weapons on ground combat vehicles. The army is also looking at having a “shoot-off” in which two of the biggest Pentagon subcontractors will test their version of a massive 50-kilowatt-class laser weapon system that will be mounted to the top of a Stryker vehicle.

Both Northrop Grumman and Raytheon will unveil their technologies and compete to become the first provider of a fully operational laser weapon system that will be used by the United States military.

Laser weapons mounted on tanks means we’re officially living in the future now, right?

The Post said that the project is a “key part of the military’s broader modernization effort and its embrace of cutting-edge technologies.”

Laser weapons are also reportedly expected to start playing a more central role in American air and missile defense systems, and could in some cases quickly replace traditional cannons and artillery.

Army Col. G. Scott McLeod said that the development of the new technology is “moving extremely fast.”


“Everybody has done a great job of managing all of the technical complexity and challenges of getting these new components built and integrated so we can move to the shoot-off next year,” McLeod added.

The laser weapons systems have already been tested to evaluate their effectiveness in hitting airborne targets, but the shoot-off that will take place in spring will be a more extensive test. Army officials say that the two laser systems will be tested with a “series of 12 vignettes that will increase in difficulty.”

While neither system is expected to perform perfectly, the spring shoot-off event will give the Pentagon a good idea of which system will be the best one to pursue.

Can you imagine if Joe Biden tries to take credit for this after President Donald Trump dramatically increased the United States military budget and advocated technological advancement like this?