Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy Says Media Is Full Of “Lies And Slander”

( Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstools sports and most recently the pioneer of a fund designed to help small businesses during COVID lockdowns, hit back at a left-wing VICE reporter last week who wrongly claimed he mocked disabled NWHL player Denna Laing.

Reporter Marisa Ingemi published a piece on the VICE website claiming that Portnoy mocked Laing, who suffered a spinal cord injury in 2015 that ended her career.

“On Tuesday night, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy tweeted a video riddled with inaccuracies and mocking the devastating, career-ending injury suffered by Denna Laing in the league’s first season of the league in 2015,” Ingemi claimed.

“Portnoy also expressed a desire for Tinker [Riveters rookie Saroya Tinker] – who wrote ‘WE, as a league do not want support from ANY openly racist platform’ in a tweet in which she accused Barstool of promoting white supremacy – to be jailed,” Ingemi added.

The claims, however, were false.

In a video published on Twitter on Wednesday, Portnoy reminded his followers that he always says that those who attack Barstool Sports usually pull things out of context or make things up.

“They lie through their teeth and when we call them for it they’re nowhere to be found,” he added.

“I also say it’s the same group of small writers who are at the genesis of all these trash hit pieces,” he added.

Portnoy insisted that anyone who publicly lies and slanders are “fair game.”

And while Ingemi claimed that Portnoy tweeted a video “riddled with errors,” the VICE journalist got the entire focus of her article wrong.

Not only did Portnoy not mock Laing, his outlet, Barstool Sports, actually contributed funds to help her after her accident. In a series of tweets, he included a trailer for a documentary on Laing that his outlet produced.

So where did Ingemi get this story? Who knows. But given that she also criticized Barstool’s readers as “historically xenophobic, racist, and homophobic,” it’s probably not much of a surprise to Barstool readers that this hit piece contained inaccuracies.

During the COVID pandemic, Barstool Sports has helped businesses stay afloat as Democrat governors and mayors told them to close. Portnoy launched a $500,000 fund for restaurants in December.

As of February 1, the fund has raised more than $33,000,000.