Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel World Champion Of Vaccines

( Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu oversaw the 500,000th coronavirus vaccine given in the country on Tuesday night, celebrating his nation’s victory in becoming the leader in COVID-19 vaccinations.

And it’s by a massive margin, too.

David Herzl Levy, the 500,000th patient, was vaccinated as Prime Minister Netanyahu watched. He was also in the presence of Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein.

Speaking at the televised event, Netanyahu said that Israel “is the world champion in vaccines, in first place.”

“We worked to bring millions of vaccines to Israel, and now through Health Ministry, the hospitals and the health funds, which are managing a huge operation, we have reached this achievement,” he added.

The Israeli leader also said that he intends for the country to continue at this existing rate.

“If we continue like this, we will be the first country in the world to emerge from the pandemic,” he added.

As a result of the country’s quick rollout of the vaccine, some 21% of the country’s over-60 population have now received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. They will go on to receive a second dose of the vaccine over the next few weeks, which will deliver immunity for a vast majority of those who take it.

Health Minister Edelstein said that at the current rate, they will soon invite Netanyahu to the millionth vaccination.”

As of December 28, Israel had vaccinated some 4.3% of the total population and added an additional 1% within the space of just a few hours.

Israel has achieved its huge vaccination numbers by establishing vaccination centers in novel places, including creating drive-thru vaccination centers where patients are administered a dose and then required to stick around to ensure they don’t suffer an allergic reaction.

While Israel is leading in vaccinations, however, they are also falling into the trap of locking down the economy – something that many Republican governors have flat-out rejected in the United States. Israel recently entered its third nationwide lockdown on Sunday.