Bernie Sanders Goes Viral Sitting Alone Among Fellow Democrats After He Was Cheated By Party

(ConservativePeak)- After the Democratic Party stole the nomination from him two times in a row, far-left socialist Senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders, stole the show during the inauguration of President Joe Biden on Wednesday…and all because he chose to wear mittens.

Well, it wasn’t just the mitten, but the whole outfit. Senator Sanders was seen wearing knitted mittens, a casual coat, and holding an envelope that made him look like he was running an errand to the post office and not attending the inauguration of the most radically left-wing president in American history.

Even if the primary loss was still sore, you’d think Sanders would at least consider it a more momentous day…

Sanders’ outfit made him the focus of several media reports and even memes.

Speaking to CBS on Wednesday, Sanders simply wrote it off as Vermont residents knowing how to dress for the cold.

“You know in Vermont, we dress warm, we know something about the cold and we’re not so concerned about good fashion, we want to keep warm,” he said.

“And that’s what I did today,” he added.

There are probably some fashionistas out there in Vermont who would disagree with that…and they probably aren’t socialists.

The mittens Sanders wore were made by a school teacher from Vermont by the name of Jen Ellis. Though she has never met Senator Sanders, she gave an interview to NECN-TV and said that she was “honored” the senator wore them on TV.

“I love it that he loves them, and that he wears them,” she said. “And I’m totally honored that he wore them today.”

Ellis said that she was able to give a pair to the senator via her daughter, who attended a child care center owned by one of his relatives.

Hey, at least it’s heartwarming! Even if it is kind of inappropriate to wear at an inauguration.

And after years of the press ignoring the most stylish first lady in American history, Melania Trump, it’s interesting to see them suddenly focusing on…mittens.