Biden Appoints Authoritarian Advocate Of Hate Speech LAWS To Transition Team

( After spending his campaign comparing President Donald Trump and his supporters to Nazis, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden recently announced that he would appoint an authoritarian advocate of “hate speech” laws to his transition team.

According to a report from the New York Post, Biden has appointed Richard Stengel to his transition team, with plans for him to head up the US Agency for Global Media. That’s the American government’s management agency for government-owned media outlets like Voice of America and the Middle East Broadcasting Networks.

Stengel previously served under the Obama administration, too. He is one of several other former Obama appointees set to work under a possible Biden administration, suggesting that the next four years could simply be a re-run of the failed Obama years. Exciting.

In a piece for the Washington Post last year, Stengel admitted that he didn’t support freedom of speech and supports laws that would restrict it. In the piece, which was entitled “Why America needs a hate speech law,” Stengel claimed that the fact the American First Amendment is an outlier is perhaps a reason to change it.

“As a government official traveling around the world championing the virtues of free speech, I came to see how our First Amendment standard is an outlier,” he said. “All speech is not equal.”


“And where truth cannot drive out lies, we must add new guardrails,” he added. “I’m all for protecting ‘thought that we hate,’ but not speech that incites hate.”

Stengel did not address the question of who decides what is true, or what happens when far-left ideologues in positions of power decide that opinions they do not like constitute misinformation or “lies.”

The former Obama administration official has also made troubling comments about restricting free speech on issues like COVID-19. In May this year, Stengel said during an MSNBC interview that the First Amendment “doesn’t protect false speech about a virus or false speech that endangers the health of your users.”

He did not, however, address the fact that the Constitution does protect speech that other people consider to be “false,” nor did he explain who decides what is “false.”

“And by the way, Facebook and Twitter have been taking things down, but they need to be even more vigilant about it, and Google needs to be even more vigilant about what they prioritize in their search results,” he added.

If Stengel does end up in a Biden administration and has power over government-run media, we should perhaps expect serious limitations on what can be said and reported through those media channels.