Biden Asks Supreme Court To Uphold Obamacare

( President Joe Biden is at it again, working hard to undo everything he possibly can from the Trump administration.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration told the Supreme Court that they should uphold Obamacare. It’s a complete 180 from former President Donald Trump, who believed the healthcare law should be completely overturned.

In November, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that could potentially invalidate what remains of the Affordable Care Act. The effort to overturn the law is being led by Texas and other states governed by Republicans.

Obamacare was passed in 2010, while Biden was the vice president. Obviously, he is very fond of it and doesn’t wish one of the legacies of his time as vice president to be done away with.

The Supreme Court should issue a ruling in the case sometime before June is over.

Biden let the court of the federal government’s current position on the matter through a letter filed by Edwin Kneedler, the deputy solicitor general. In his letter, Kneedler said the White House “no longer adheres to the conclusions in the previously filed brief,” which was submitted by the Trump administration.

One of the key points in this case is a provision of Obamacare that is referred to as the “individual mandate.” That document originally required every American to have health insurance. If they didn’t, they were required to pay a financial penalty.

A few years ago, though, the financial penalty associated with the individual mandate was done away with.

Republicans who are challenging Obamacare say that the individual mandate is now unconstitutional, since it has no penalty associated with it. As a result, they believe the Supreme Court should strike down the entire law.

The Biden administration, meanwhile, said it believes the individual mandate is indeed still constitutional. Even if the Supreme Court were to rule it isn’t constitutional, they can still keep in place what remains of the law, Kneedler wrote.

The other side of the case is being argued by members of the House of Representatives, which Democrats control, as well as by states that are led by Democratic governments.

Kneedler said in his letter that there’s no need for any further legal briefings before the Supreme Court hands down its ruling.

Not only does Biden wish to preserve Obamacare, he wishes to expand on it. In his first few days in office, Biden actually re-opened the open enrollment period for the federal healthcare marketplace, allowing more people to apply for federally-subsidized health insurance plans. Open enrollment typically ends by the end of January.

It’s very possible that the Biden administration will also look to expand the healthcare plan even more. He believes strongly in as many Americans as possible being offered healthcare plans with the help of the federal government.

At November’s oral arguments, it appeared that it would be a high hill to climb for Republicans to get the law thrown out. Even some conservative justices pushed back at some of the arguments as to why Obamacare should be done away with.