Biden Bringing In George Soros Officials To White House

( Billionaire Black Lives Matter donor and far-left antagonist George Soros will benefit greatly from the Biden administration, with former fellows of his Open Society Foundation now entering government.

A report from the National Pulse just revealed how the new White House Special Assistant to the President for Criminal justice, Chiraag Bains, previously worked for the Open Society Foundation.

Bains was previously a Leadership in Government Fellow between 2017 and 2018 at the Open Society Foundation, describing his work as involving “research, writing, and speaking about criminal justice reform strategies that respect individual rights, build trust between communities and law enforcement, and enhance public safety.”

So…Black Lives Matter and defund the police, then.

“I have a particular focus on police accountability for excessive force and racial discrimination,” he goes on.

Bains also worked at Demos as the Director of Legal Strategies between February 2018 and 2021 and as a visiting senior fellow for the Criminal Justice Policy Program at Harvard Law School between 2017 and 2018.

Soros has successfully used his money to push a radically left-wing agenda in American government for several years and has even funded various Black Lives Matter and Antifa organizations through his Open Societies Foundation and affiliated charities.

In summer 2020, the Washington Times revealed how Soros bankrolled various successful campaigns of a number of new district attorneys “who now preside over big cities with skyrocketing crime and frayed relationships with police departments.”

A Los Angeles District Attorney backed by Soros, George Gascon, also vowed in December of last year to help illegal aliens avoid deportation by reducing their jail time, prosecutions, and other penalties.

“Local criminal justice actors must be careful not to become part of a pipeline to deportation in a dysfunctional immigration system … the DA must also strive to limit unnecessary exposure to immigration enforcement,” Gascon’s plan reads.

As Special Assistant to the President for Criminal Justice at the Domestic Policy Council, Bains will have major influence over federal policy on criminal justice reform. And with Vice President Kamala Harris pulling the strings, and if her previous support of a bail fund for BLM terrorists is anything to go by, law enforcement could be about to go soft on left-wing extremists.