Biden PROMISES Mask MANDATES Nationally If Elected

( It’s final: if you want a national mask mandate that forces people, by law, to wear masks every time they leave their homes, then you should vote for Joe Biden. The former vice president confirmed on Friday that if elected president, he would use his influence to push state and local governments to issue mask mandates.

Biden initially said during the early days of the outbreak that he would issue a mask mandate, before learning that such a move would be unconstitutional. Since then, Biden has said that he believes local governments should push mask mandates, and on Friday at an event in Delaware, he laid out in detail precisely what he would do.

The former vice president said he would push for a “national strategy to position our country to finally get ahead of this virus,” he said. As part of the plan, Biden said he would push a new spending bill alongside comprehensive mandates for mask-wearing.

“I’ll go to every governor and urge them to mandate mask-wearing in their states,” Biden said to a small crowd of supporters. “If they refuse I’ll go to the mayors and county executives and get local masking requirements in place nationwide.”

Such a move could see people being mandated to wear masks in stores, in restaurants between taking bites of food, and even in the streets.

Biden even said that his administration would mandate the wearing of masks in all federal buildings and interstate transportation. It led to reports that masks may need to be worn even on highways, where people are separated and in different vehicles.

“Wearing a mask is not a political statement,” he said. “It’s a scientific imperative. It’s a point of patriotic pride, so we can pull our country out of this god awful spiral we’re in.”

Many Americans already choose to wear masks regardless of mandates existing in their state or not. Even President Donald Trump, who has not supported mandates, hands out free masks to attendees at his outdoor rallies – and people wear them, too.

Biden’s policy of forcing people to wear a mask may not go down well among voters who value their constitutional freedoms.