Biden Raises Eyebrows With Cough Filled Speech (REPORT)

( Joe Biden once again prompted questions about his health, giving a speech on Monday night in which he coughed and struggled to get through certain words.

It’s like Hillary Clinton’s campaign all over again!

Following the vote by the Electoral College, which Biden appears to have won, Biden repeatedly coughed and cleared his throat as he tried to reassure the nation that the integrity of our election system is intact, even though it isn’t.

78-year-old Joe Biden, should he become the next president of the United States, will be the oldest person to ever assume the office. Throughout his campaign, his health came into question, but unlike Hillary Clinton’s physical issues back in 2016, much of the focus was on his cognitive ability. Throughout his campaign, Biden relied on teleprompters to give speeches and even provide answers during rare press conferences.

Biden also often appeared to forget where he was, stumbling over words and getting confused about what he was supposed to say.

The former vice president’s coughing was so bad that even left-wing commentators noticed, with far-left filmmaker Michael Moore taking to Twitter to laugh at it.

“Jeez! Somebody hand him a glass of water!” he said.

Legendary news anchor Bill O’Reilly also chimed in, saying that Biden had a hard time delivering his speech with a throat issue.

“He would have been wise to say he will look into election fraud allegations to reassure angry voters,” he added.

But we all know that Joe Biden won’t look into election fraud allegations – or the huge amount of evidence of election fraud – because that’s what handed him his victory.

When the fraudulent ballots in battleground states like Nevada are removed, and mail-in ballots counted without proper observation from ballot watchers are also removed, then Biden doesn’t have 270 Electoral College votes.

We can expect to see lots more coughing, and lots more of Joe Biden forgetting where he is, if he is inaugurated on January 20.