Biden REFUSES To Say If He Would Comply With FBI Probe On Hunter Biden

( Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has refused to confirm that he would comply with an FBI probe into the possibly illegal actions of his son, Hunter Biden. An FBI criminal investigation into his son was already opened in 2019 after signs of money laundering were noticed.

The existence of the investigation was confirmed by investigative reporter James Rosen on Thursday. It comes after the contents of a laptop owned by Hunter Biden wee recently revealed, showing emails and messages that implicate Joe Biden with the foreign business deals made by his son. Emails suggest that Joe Biden may have been skimming profits from business deals made by his son that were potentially only even made because of Hunter Biden’s access to the then-vice president.

Conservative news outlet Breitbart asked the Biden campaign on Thursday whether the former vice president would comply with an FBI investigation into his son’s activity, but no response was given.

Breitbart asked:

“In light of Sinclair TV’s James Rosen’s reporting on Thursday evening that the FBI opened a criminal investigation in 2019 into “Hunter Biden and his associates” focused on allegations of money-laundering and that it remains open and active today, I would like to ask the following:
1) Do former VP Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and brother James Biden intend to cooperate with the FBI investigation?
2) If elected president, will Joe Biden commit to not pardoning Hunter if the FBI charges him with a crime that he may be convicted of?”

The Hunter Biden case blew up recently when a former business associate of the Biden family, Tony Bobulinski, gave an extensive interview with Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson about their business dealings. Bobulinski said that he had met with Joe Biden at a conference and that the former vice president had intimate knowledge of the deals being made, which flies in the face of what Biden has said in the past.

Bobulinski also said that Joe Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, said that they had maintained “plausible deniability” that allowed them to get away with making the deals while Joe was in the White House.

James Rosen, the reporter who revealed the FBI investigation into Hunter Biden, also said on October 30 that a team of FBI agents were “taking extensive notes and asked multiple questions” about Huner Biden’s dealings with Ukraine.