Biden Says Murder Victim “Incited” His Own Death

( Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, said this week that the victim of a political murder in Portland caused his own death. During a rare question and answer session with the media, Biden said that the Trump supporter who was shot by an Antifa activist in cold blood was “inciting responses.”

By inciting responses, does he mean just being on the street? Because that’s what happened. The footage of the incident, which you’ll find below, shows Antifa activists shouting “We got a Trump supporter here!” before they draw a weapon and shoot him.

Along with his running mate Senator Kamala Harris, Biden said that the police officer who shot Jacob Blake should be criminally charged. He appeared to suggest that the police officer should not be afforded normal due process, which is shocking given that the evidence already shows that the police officers were defending themselves from a man with a history of sexual assault and violence.

With regards to Portland, however, he made it very clear that he thinks Trump’s supporters were the ones to blame.

“I might add, by the way, I think what happened in Portland, where a – one of the Trump guys riding along in vans, inciting responses, shooting rubber bullets, I guess, or paintballs, apparently there was someone shot by someone in the crowd, with a bullet,” he said.

Inciting responses? President Trump’s supporters arrived in a caravan of vehicles, waving flags, in Portland to show local people that they are there. They also sent a signal to the politicians that the city, while it may be in the process of being burned down by far-left extremists, also has Trump supporters.

Biden seemed to care more about prosecuting a police officer for shooting a man who resisted arrest and lunged for a weapon than he does about condemning violence committed by his supporters.

Even the New York Times admits that there is no evidence that the person who was shot was not firing paintballs or inciting anything. But Biden parroted the line anyway.

Isn’t this what the left call victim blaming?