Biden Signs Executive Order Ending Major Trump Project

( In yet another effort to destroy President Donald Trump’s legacy of defending American interests and workers, President Joe Biden signed another executive order this week that revoked a Trump-era order that gave federal funds to apprenticeship programs in American industries.

President Donald Trump’s Executive Order 13801, named Industry-recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPS), allow for trade and industry companies, groups, and non-profit organizations to create their own apprenticeship programs that allowed workers to develop skills that the economy needed. It was a clever way of allowing the free market to create new American workers in industries that needed help.

But President Joe Biden revoked the order, instead calling for the government to create alternatives instead.

Because we all know how effective the government is at creating jobs…

President Trump’s executive order was praised on both sides of the aisle when it was first signed. Even the Washington Post, a radically left-wing newspaper that would often criticize Trump policy, reported in 2017 how the order had support from both Democrats and Republicans.

“Trump signed an executive order that seeks to reorient and expand ApprenticeshipUSA, a grant program that was previously championed by the Obama administration and has been supported by Democrats and Republicans alike.
The administration’s aim, White House officials say, is to give more flexibility to third parties — including businesses, trade associations and labor unions — to design programs that will offer skills training to those who are seeking jobs for which they are not yet qualified,” the newspaper reported.

At the time, Democrat and Republican members of Congress both said that the Labor Department was too “heavy-handed” in crafting apprenticeship programs and that businesses, unions, and trade groups knew what programs were needed to generate new American workers.

President Biden’s decision to rescind the order is not just a swipe at President Trump, but an indication that he plans to kowtow to far-left groups throughout the rest of his presidency. The left-wing Center for American Progress claimed at the time that President Trump created a “parallel track that lacks adequate worker protections” that they claimed allowed for the “proliferation of low-quality programs.”

Attempting to paint Biden’s latest order as a win for American workers, the White House said that it is “expanding registered apprenticeship programs” to create “diverse, local, well-trained workers who have a choice to join a union.”

Get ready for bigger government, America!