Biden Spends NINTH Day Off Campaign Trail, Calls It A Day At 9 AM

( Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called it a day on Thursday, telling the press that he wouldn’t be taking part in any campaign activity or doing any interviews. It was the ninth day in September he took off from the campaign trail, calling it quits at just 9 am.

Isn’t this guy meant to be running for president?

To be fair, Biden last a little longer than 9 am…a full 20 minutes longer. Campaign officials informed the press at 9:20 am on Thursday that there was no travel or public events scheduled. By calling a “lid,” the campaign also confirmed there would be no press releases coming throughout the rest of the day either.

And while Biden put his feet up, vice-presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris didn’t appear to pick up the slack. The Biden campaign team also confirmed that Harris had no public events scheduled that day and would also not be available.

Things must be getting a little too tiring for Biden now that he’s been forced out of his basement.

On Wednesday, Biden indicated to journalists that he may not be available too often in the coming days as he was preparing for the upcoming debate with President Donald Trump. The first debate between the two candidates will take place on Tuesday, November 29, and is considered to be the first opportunity for Biden to prove he has the cognitive ability to answer tough questions.

It will be the first big challenge for Biden to get through an hour and a half of questioning without the use of a teleprompter, too.

Biden said he would be “heavily” engaged for the rest of the week preparing for the debate, even though President Donald Trump has continued running his campaign, as well as the country, and preparing for the debate at the same time.

Why does Biden need so much more time to prepare than Trump does?

Journalists weren’t pleased with calling a lid on the day, either.

The situation stands in stark contrast to President Donald Trump’s multiple events in North Carolina, and a rally in Jacksonville, Florida, that all took place on Thursday.