Biden Team Trying To Deflect Over Poor COVID-19 Plan

(ConservativePeak)- Speaking on Fox News Prime Time on Thursday, Republican Senator Tom Cotton slammed newly-inaugurated President Joe Biden and his administration for trying to deflect criticism of China’s role in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Referencing the fact that China failed to control the outbreak and allowed people to leave the country while knowing that the virus was airborne, Senator Cotton reminded viewers that the outbreak was China’s fault and not the fault of President Donald Trump.

When asked for comments about Joe Biden administration officials saying they inherited no plan for a vaccine rollout – a lie confirmed by White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci, Senator Cotton had his to say:

“I’m pretty sure that Joe Biden will probably try to do that, but let’s remember, Donald Trump and no American was responsible for this pandemic or the recession it unleashed.”

Cotton added that is was the “culpability of the Chinese Communist Party” and that to say there is no plan is wrong.

“I mean, look, there’s a reason why there are multiple vaccines now either approved or soon to be approved,” he said. “That’s because of Operation War Speed, that the Trump administration got a viable vaccine to market and distributed in less than a year, something that often decades a decade.”

Fact check: true.

“And you’re right, just last week, they’re, we are averaging more than 900,00 shots a day,” he said.

And that’s not because of President Joe Biden’s administration, as he had only just been inaugurated.

Senator Cotton said that America is not on the “glide path to getting to a million shots a day” and that the Biden administration is trying to lower expectations and deflect blame.

Quite a turnaround from an administration that spent four years promoting America’s greatness.

“They were not given a bare cupboard,” Senator Cotton added. “They were given a miracle of a vaccine in record time and distribution that is increasingly improving every day.”

Vice President Kamala Harris famously said during the campaign that she would not take the vaccine as she did not trust President Donald Trump, but very quickly took the vaccine as soon as it was made available to her and the election campaign was over.

This week, VP Harris also received the second dose of the vaccine.