Biden White House Fired Trump Officials On Maternity Leave

( President Joe Biden is already walking back his promise to promote “unity” in his administration, with Rep. Devin Nunes and his former aide Kash Patel appearing on Fox News on Sunday and revealed how the Biden administration is firing Trump officials at all levels of government, including officials in the Pentagon who are on paternity and maternity leave.

Nunes spoke to Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures first about the news of FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith being put on probation after it was revealed that he had falsified documents used to justify the Trump Russia investigation.

It’s a huge scandal already, and one that was succinctly summed up by author Paul Sperry who said on Twitter that we “now have dirty FBI agents, dirty FBI attorneys & dirty FBI brass getting away w hard crimes.”

“We have transparently dirty investigations, prosecutions & sentences,” he added.

If the Trump Russia investigation wasn’t partisan enough, Biden is taking things one step further by unnecessarily firing civil servants who were appointed during the Trump administration.

Something that President Trump, who the Democrats often smear as a “dictator,” didn’t do.

Kash Patel slammed President Biden’s repeated calls for unity as “garbage,” following the news that his administration fired the deputy communications director at the Commerce Department, Vanessa Ambrosini. The government official had three months of maternity leave already approved and gave birth to her child just before Christmas. As soon as Joe Biden, took office, the maternity leave was rescinded and she was fired.

The Biden administration heartlessly told Politico that government workers “do not enjoy the promise of federal employment past the end of the administration in which they choose to serve.”

Biden also reportedly fired a couple who worked in the Department of Homeland Security just two weeks before their child was born prematurely on December 18. Their leave, which had already been agreed, will not be honored – and even after appealing to the Biden administration, they were told that nothing would change.

The father told the press that “it’s one thing if you have a household if you have one family member who works for the government, but we were both employed by the government so we’re losing both of our opportunities for health care and both our incomes.”

Can President Biden be any more heartless?

We’ve got four years to find out.