Bill Clinton In Hot Water Over Disturbing Valentine’s Day Message

( Decades later, the Clintons are still best known for the former president’s sexual escapades and disloyalty to his wife…and that was very much confirmed on Valentine’s Day this year when a tweet he published faced an embarrassing backlash.

Former President Bill Clinton published a black and white photograph of him and his wife, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, surrounded by what appear to be security guards. Clinton tagged it with the message, “My Valentine,” including a love heart emoji.

Twitter users haven’t forgotten about Clinton allegedly cheating on his wife with White House staffer Monica Lewinsky in the ‘90s.

Wayne Dupree, a conservative commentator and radio host, was particularly scathing about the couple on his website.

“Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary live in a bubble and lack self-awareness, so, instead of laying low, he decided to make a public spectacle and send his ‘Valentine’ Hillary a tweet,” he said.

Dupree also revealed some of the most damning responses to the Tweet.

“I’ll never, ever forgive you for lying, humiliating your wife, the mother of your daughter,” one user said.

“I thought Monica was your valentine. You know the person you had an affair with,” another added.

Jeez. People really haven’t forgotten, have they?

“Bill, we know you have thousands of valentines, come on man!” another user added, invoking President Joe Biden’s preferred slogan.

Come on, man!

Just take a look at the comments and you’ll see for yourself. You’ll also see fawning left-wing activists and celebrities pretending that the couple isn’t as controversial as they are.

Donald Trump Jr. couldn’t hold in a chuckle, either, responding “LOL” on his account.

Former President Bill Clinton not only admitted to having an affair with Lewinsky after insisting that he hadn’t, but he also admitted that he misled the American public as well as his wife, Hillary.

“I deeply regret that,” Clinton told an audience in 19989 after he testified in front of a federal grand jury.