Bitter Buttigieg Challenges Nevada Caucus Results

( – After winning the Iowa caucus and coming a close second in the New Hampshire primary, former Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg was riding a high. Then came the Nevada caucus and his dreams were shattered.

Buttigieg came third place with 15.3% of the vote, behind Joe Biden with 19.6%, and socialist Bernie Sanders with a substantial 46%. The victory for Sanders was so impressive because he received more support than Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren combined. Yikes.

It looks like Buttigieg can’t handle the rejection, as his campaign team is questioning his third-place finish and calling for the release of a detailed breakdown of how the votes were cast. The questions come after the Iowa caucus was thrown into chaos when a voting app created unexpected errors, resulting in inaccurate readings that couldn’t be changed for legal reasons. Nonetheless, Buttigieg was happy to take the win until the Sanders campaign called for a fresh vote.

On Saturday night, the Buttigieg campaign released a letter that claimed the caucuses held in Nevada were “plagued with errors and inconsistencies.” In the letter, the campaign also said that some volunteers running the caucuses were not following the rules. As a result of the mishandling of the caucuses, the campaign claims, candidates were unable to pick up the support they deserved during the second round of voting.

In an official statement, deputy manager for the Buttigieg campaign, Hari Sevugan said:

“Currently our data shows that this is a razor-thin margin for second place in Nevada, and due to irregularities and a number of unresolved questions we have raised with the Nevada Democratic Party, it’s unclear what the final results will be.”

According to the campaign, more than 200 reports were received from activists who claimed that the merging of early votes was done incorrectly. In some cases, the early votes were not used, and some were read incorrectly.

It’s not just the Biden campaign, either. A representative of the Joe Biden campaign told The Associated Press that they witnessed two instances of organizers announcing half-way through the count that the vote numbers for precincts had switched, before reversing the decision four times or more.

The Buttigieg campaign is currently calling for a breakdown of the results to assess the data properly, and the Nevada State Democratic Party has responded by suggesting that his team should seek a full recount if the results are to be challenged.

Why can’t the Democratic Party accurately count votes?

It’s not hard!