Black Guy LOSES IT with BLM Protestors on Drive to Work

( Black Lives Matter is a radical Marxist organization that presents itself as a representative of black people generally. The longer the violent BLM and Antifa riots go on, however, the clearer it is becoming that it is not representative of all black people at all.

In Austin, Texas, on Saturday, a black man erupted at Black Lives Matter protestors for blocking a road. Many of the extremist protestors were white and were standing in the road waving flags and signs and chanting all the usual BLM stuff.

“Hey, look, I understand…I appreciate it…But I go to go to work! I’m black!” a man shouted. “I got to go to work. I got bills. I got kids. Get the f*ck out of my way!”

Video footage shows the man getting increasingly angry at the protestors who refuse to move, shouting, “I’m about to air this b*tch out. I got to go to work!”

It is just another example of how Black Lives Matter doesn’t seem to think black lives matter when it’s a matter of needing to get to work. BLM and Antifa activists consistently use the tactic of blocking roads to get their radical Marxist message across the world, sometimes even standing on the highways and blocking high-speed traffic.

At the beginning of August, the Department of Public Safety in Texas announced that arrest warrants were obtained for six people in relation to violent extremist riots. The left-wing radicals were responsible for violence that unfolded at the Texas State Capitol in the days following the tragic death of George Floyd.

Even months later, these extremists continue blocking roads and rioting in the streets. Portland, Oregon, is one of the worst-affected places in the country right now with nightly protests around the city’s federal courthouse. Last week, a Trump-supporting grandmother outed her own grandson as the alleged attacker who used an explosive device to damage the building.