Black Preacher Exposes Planned Parenthood for KILLING Black Population…In CHAZ!

( A black preacher shocked Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists in the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone when she confronted them on Wednesday. Edmee Chavannes was spotted on camera telling some uncomfortable truths to radicals in the CHAZ, reminding them that it’s not the police that kill black people in huge numbers, but Planned Parenthood.

Chavannes informed them that the abortion provider was the number one killer of black people in the country, and people didn’t seem happy to hear it. Footage was shared by Colton Duncan, a producer from young conservative organization, Turning Point USA.

“This is so powerful (INSIDE CHAZ),” Duncan wrote. “I won’t be convinced that Black Lives *ACTUALLY* Matter to Black Lives Matter Org…Not until I see them outside of a Planned Parenthood or watch them end funding To Democrat Candidates.”

Chavannes can be heard asking, “Why don’t I see my brothers and my sisters outside Planned Parenthood? The number one killer of the black population is Planned Parenthood!”

When she started asking where the protesters were when black babies were being killed by Planned Parenthood, protesters starting trying to drown her out with their megaphones and speakers. “Police brutality!” they chanted repeatedly, in the hope that Chavannes would be quiet.

Shockingly, another protestor then called Chavannes a “coon,” which is a racial slur that was later reclaimed by black activists to refer to a black person who defends the racism of white people. Just think about that…African Americans using racial slurs against other African Americans for daring to call out Planned Parenthood!

Chavannes continued schooling the protesters, shouting back, “I don’t wanna hear it unless I see you in front of a Planned Parenthood!”

Planned Parenthood is a hot topic among Democrats. The clinic provides medical services for women, but is also the main provider of abortions across the country.