Bloomberg Used OBAMA-Era Images of Children in Cages in Anti-Trump Ad

Former New York Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has been in the press a lot lately. Few might have even realized he had entered the race to become the next president until his staffers started posting tweets with his face superimposed onto a meatball during the debates.

The caucus app blamed for the Iowa vote count chaos was created by tech firm Shadow, Inc.

Shadow’s CEO Gerard Niemira, product manager Ahna Rao, CTO Krista Davis, and COO James Hickey all worked on the Hillary for America campaign.

— Michael Coudrey (@MichaelCoudrey) February 4, 2020

Then, his height came into question. President Donald Trump jokingly claimed that Bloomberg wanted boxes to stand on in debates, which caused the Bloomberg campaign to officially respond by saying there was no truth to the claims.
The latest scandal involves Bloomberg’s recent expensive anti-Trump advertisement, part of a campaign that he has vowed to spend as much as $1 billion dollars on. In the advertisement, he ripped into Trump’s record and said: “America demanded change and change is what we got.” What followed was a series of images that the ad seemed to suggest were a result of Trump’s sweeping reforms across many areas of policy.

Donald Trump said he was going to bring change to this country.


— Mike Bloomberg (@MikeBloomberg) February 3, 2020

The commercial, which was shown at the Super Bowel, heavily featured images of illegal immigrants being held in detention centers (or concentration camps, if you ask Alexandra Ocasio Cortez). What the commercial didn’t tell you, however, was that the images used were actually taken during President Obama’s time in office. Twitchy picked up on the trick, examining photographs already in the public domain and those shared in the advertisement. When zoomed in, it is clear that the images match – except, the ones used in Bloomberg’s ad are zoomed in and cropped to make them appear different. The fact that the images had been changed implies that Bloomberg, or at least the people making the video, knew that the images being shared were already in the public domain and known to be from 2014 – some two years before Donald Trump’s election.
As the Iowa caucuses end and Bloomberg barely registers, only time will tell whether he can keep up his campaign. Right now, much of the momentum behind the former NYC mayor’s campaign is a product of his own spending. If Bloomberg follows through with his promise of spending a billion dollars to defeat President Trump, it could go down as one of the most expensive vanity projects in history.