Border Agents Seize 360lbs of METH at Texas-Mexico Border

Court Blocks Trump Immigration Policy

( While Democrats continue to insist that the border doesn’t need more security and that President Donald Trump’s strict border policy is racist, hard-working officials at the border continue intercepting huge quantities of illegal drugs. Officers from Rio Grande Valley Sector Customs and Border Protection recently seized more than 360lbs of methamphetamine by intercepting three illegal smuggling attempts over the southern border of Texas.

The drugs had a value of more than $8 million and will have a significant impact on the supply of these illegal drugs in the United States.

On August 15, officers from Customs and Border Protection saw a tractor-trailer approaching the border, with the intention of crossing from Mexico into the United States. The driver listed the trailer as containing fresh mangos, according to Rio Valley CBP officials. They chose to bring the driver and his vehicle into a secondary inspection area where they could further investigate the contents of the vehicle.

Officers then found 48 individual packages of drugs throughout the vehicle, and after testing them, discovered that they contained methamphetamine. This first package contained around 320 lbs of drugs, with an estimated street value of $6,393,000.

Even more drugs were intercepted over the following hours. Officers working at the Hidalgo International Bridge saw a commercial bridge arriving from Mexico and planning to cross into the United States. The bus was taken into a luggage inspection area, where officers discovered 10 further packages containing methamphetamine. It weighed around 23lbs and had a further value of $1,034,000.

The next day, officers at the Anzalduas International Bridge stopped the driver of a Jaguar. During a search of the vehicle, packages of methamphetamine were discovered hidden in the battery of the car. The drugs had a street value of $306,000.

All vehicles that were used during these attempts at drug smuggling were seized by the officers, and the smugglers were taken into custody by ICE. Further investigations are underway and the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Texas may recommend prosecution for those who attempted to smuggle the drugs into the country.

Can you imagine just how much easier it could be for smugglers to bring drugs into the United States is the Democrats are successful in stopping the building of the wall, and even tearing down the wall if they win in November?