Border Crisis Threatens To Destroy Biden’s Momentum

( If President Joe Biden wants to be known as a president who acts for all the people, he better quickly get a handle on the border crisis that is escalating quickly.
The Biden administration has been trying to celebrate their legislative victory by passing their $1.9 trillion economic relief bill. While they didn’t get much bipartisan support at all on Capitol Hill for the bill, they are getting a lot of it from the American people. One of the main reasons for that is the $1,400 direct stimulus checks that people started receiving over the weekend.
The praise he’s receiving for that bill, though, is sure to go away quick if he doesn’t do something about the border crisis.
Various facilities run by Customs and Border Protection are becoming overcrowded. Now, the Biden administration is preparing to move roughly 3,000 immigrant boys between 15 and 17 years old to a Dallas convention center.
This practice goes directly against what Biden campaigned on — working on a more “humane” immigration policy. On the campaign trail, he criticized former President Donald Trump, who Biden said put kids in “cages” as his response to a wave of migrants right before the pandemic began.
But the current president is now doing exactly that — putting children in cages. Not only that, the Biden administration is keeping children locked away in cells at various overflow facilities for much longer than is allowed by law
Republicans have rightfully attacked the Biden administration for his policies, and for doing exactly the opposite of what he said he would do once he entered the White House.
One of the disgusting things the Biden administration has already done is open a tent city to house 1,000 children. That’s been set up near Midland, Texas. Some of the kids being held there are as young as 4 years old.
In addition to them, many others are being held in Border Patrol cells designed to hold adults. Various immigration lawyers are up in arms, trying to gain awareness that the living conditions for these children are poor, at best.
Reporters have been pressing White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the situation, too. On Monday, she was asked whether it’s acceptable that children are being held in these conditions that Biden called cruel and immoral under Trump. Her response:
“It’s not acceptable, but I think the challenge here is there are not that many options. We have a lot of critics, but many are not putting forward solutions.
“The options here are sending the kids back on the journey, sending them to unvetted homes or working to expedite sending them into shelters where they can get treatment by medical doctors, educational resources, legal resources and mental health counseling.
“That’s exactly what we’re focused on doing, and this is an across-the-administration effort.”
Seems like for the moment, the Biden administration is making enough effort to affect positive change from what they denounced as disgusting not too long ago.