Capitol Rioters Came Within 60 Seconds Of Mike Pence

(ConservativePeak)- According to a report from The Washington Post, rioters who breached the Capitol Building on January 6 were just a minute away from reaching Vice President Mike Pence.

While designed to smear Trump supporters as dangerous, the Post article inadvertently showed how rioters were not representative of the Republican Party and appears to have even included Antifa extremists.

The report cited three sources aware of the vice president’s business on the day that rioters ruined a peaceful protest and illegally entered the Capitol Building. And, according to the report, some of the rioters even expressed their desire to kill politicians like Vice President Pence.

If that is true, it shows that the rioters were not motivated by Republican ideals.

On the day of the unrest, President Donald Trump called for peace and repeatedly published statements and videos on Twitter urging people to stay peaceful, and later, to leave and go home.

Capitol Police Chief Steven Fund told the Washington Post last week that they realized things weren’t “going well” at around 1 p.m. Sund said that by 1.59 p.m., rioters had begun breaking into the Capitol and just ten minutes later, they had successfully entered the building.

And while many of the rioters absolutely exhibited violent behavior, and the storming of the Capitol Building has been roundly condemned by Republicans, the true nature of the riot has recently been called into question as more footage has been released.

After Democrats attempted to paint the riot as an “insurrection” and far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that she thought she was “going to die,” footage showed much of the riot to actually be much less threatening.

One clip shows a man wearing a headdress and no shirt casually walking into the Senate, while others sat on the ground injured. When security officers asked them to leave, one of the protesters says that he did his best no to disrespect the place.

While the January 6 riot absolutely posed danger to many people and resulted in the loss of five lives, Democrats have lots of questions to answer—not just surrounding their claim that President Donald Trump incited the riot, but with regards to the severity of the incident too.

If a guy dressed as a shaman can illegally enter the United States Capitol Building…maybe it’s time to increase security.