Cartel Smugglers Leave Pregnant Woman To Die After Falling From U.S. Border Wall

( – On Saturday night, human smugglers connected to the Mexican cartels left a pregnant woman to die after she fell from the U.S.-Mexico border wall. The woman, from Guatemala, was attempting to enter the country illegally after traveling through Mexico with the smugglers. She was encouraged by the smugglers to climb over the 20-foot barrier and as she did so, she fell and landed on her book.

The woman and her unborn child both died.

Border Patrol agents from El Paso first discovered the woman, who was critically injured. A male companion told the agents that she had fallen from the wall, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. Doctors attempted to save her and her unborn child’s life but were ultimately unsuccessful,

The story demonstrates just how little cartel smugglers care about human life, and why President Donald Trump is so committed to securing the border and ensuring these people stop putting the lives of innocent people in danger.

Gloria Chavez, the interim Chief for El Pasto Sector Border Patrol, said:

“Despite the best efforts of our Border Patrol agents and medical professionals, sadly more lives have perished at the hands of human smugglers…Someone in Mexico guided this eight-month pregnant woman from Guatemala to this section of the border and encouraged her and helped her climb the steel mesh border barrier. We will engage our law enforcement partners in Mexico to find those responsible for placing these lives in danger.”

Mark Morgan, Acting Commissioner of the CBP, told the press that the woman, who was identified as teenage Mirian Stephany Giron Luna, was encouraged along with her male partner to climb over the wall in darkness. When she fell, they were simply abandoned.

“Tragically, the mother and the child died from the injuries from the fall,” Morgan said, after explaining an ambulance was immediately called to the scene. The young mother-to-be suffered a pelvic fracture, internal organ injuries that let to failure, and a cerebral hemorrhage after falling more than 19 feet. Doctors attempted to save the life of the child with a C-section but were unsuccessful.

Why do Democrats think it’s fine to encourage human smugglers to endanger lives like this?