Chicago PD Launches Online Portal for Looting Videos to Identify Criminals

( Chicago Police Department has had enough. They might not have a mayor that works in the best interests of the police department, but people from within law enforcement had the smart idea to set up a website that shows video footage of looters and violent far-left extremists to help the wider community identify culprits.

On Wednesday, Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan said that cases are “easier to solve and much stronger when the community identifies these suspects and works with the police and the detective to hold them accountable.”

“We are now seeking the community’s help to identify additional offenders that are seen on video and in photographs looting and committing other criminal behavior,” he added.

The website, labeled “Looting & Civil Unrest Videos,” published surveillance camera footage of people looting stores and causing destruction. The site shows a collection of videos that have been published to YouTube, and offers a phone number and an email address for people to use if they have any information about people seen in the videos.

During a press conference, Deenihan showed reporters a video of a man using what appears to be a hammer to try and break into an ATM. It was just one of countless examples of destruction and theft taking place during riots organized by Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters.

“So this is just going to be an example of the videos that are going to be posted n the website,” he said. “So the department launched a website today with images of these subjects and others wanted in connection with the looting that took place downtown and elsewhere.”

He added that detectives are asking the people of Chicago to look at the images and videos, and to submit tips. He also said that any store owners or other individuals who have footage of looting and criminal activity taking place can give that footage to detectives to help identify more people.

“This was an attack on our city,” he said. “We really need everyone’s help to identify these offenders so we can arrest and charge them. Camera footage is only valuable when our officers and detectives can identify the individuals caught on camera committing the crime.”

If you live in Chicago, make sure you check out the site and see if you recognize anybody. Mayor Lori Lightfoot might support the ideological goals of some of these protesters, but that doesn’t mean the citizens of Chicago can’t do their part to stop the extremist activity taking hold of the city.