China Mocks Joe Biden Carpet Bombing Syria – “America Is Back”

( President Joe Biden might think he can get a handle on China by being friendly, but a mocking report from the state-run Global Times newspaper in China on Friday once again revealed the nation’s disdain for America…and its president.

“America is back,” the report’s headline reads, referencing Biden’s decision to bomb Syria on Thursday.

Even the Chinese knew that Trump was anti-war!

The headline was also a reference to comments made by President Biden in a foreign policy speech earlier in February, in which he promised to limit military engagement with other nations.

Another broken promise…

“And they know when you speak, you speak for me,” Biden told workers at the Department of State. “And so, so is the message I want the world to hear today: America is back. America is back. Diplomacy is back at the center of our foreign policy.”

But on Thursday, barely more than a month into his administration, President Biden used his authority to authorize a bombing strike in Syria. Biden ordered the Pentagon to launch the “defensive precision strike” on members of the Popular Mobilization Forces, which is the legal wing of Iraq’s armed forces.

President Biden received widespread criticism for the decision from the left and right, with socialists, conservatives, radical progressives, and members of the international community all noting the irony of the “America is back” message.

The Global Times said that President Biden’s unilateral decision to bomb Syria undermined his promise to the American people that he would put them first. Several officials supported by the Chinese Communist Party were quoted in the news article explaining how President Donald Trump opted for economic incentives to stop foreign security threats, while Biden prefers to use violence.

“During the Trump era, the US tended to use economic sanctions against Iran and did not politically engage with Iran,” the report said. “Nonetheless, the pro-establishment Democratic government wants to resume the Iran nuclear deal, but it is telling Iran not to take action in Syria, as they are two different issues.”

The newspaper also quoted experts who said they expect Biden to push European allies to become involved in Middle Eastern affairs, which sounds an awful lot like the Bush and Obama eras.

Is President Biden about to plunge the West into new wars? And could China be right for once?