China Moves To Surpass U.S In Economics And Military (REPORT)

( Don’t look now, but China is making significant in-roads in security and economic areas, and is set to overtake the United States in some key areas.

According to a report that a congressionally-mandated commission released on Tuesday, the dynamic between America and China could change forever soon, as China is about to overtake the U.S. in these areas.

The United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission prepares an annual report for Congress that details challenges to bilateral ties between the U.S. and China. It’s been doing so since it was formed roughly 20 years ago, to mark the beginning of what was called “The American Century.”

Newsweek obtained a copy of the 2020 report, which called on Congress to take decisive action. It said steps that were taken this year by both Washington and Beijing completely redefined the international playing field.

During a call with reports on Monday, the vice chair of the commission, Carolyn Bartholomew, said:

“This year, a lot of our focus was on China moving beyond catching up and moving to surpass [the United States] in the economic field, [as well as in] technology, diplomacy and military.”

So, what is China after? Here’s what Bartholomew said on Tuesday:

“China is using its growing power to revise the international order, and place itself at the top of a new global hierarchy.”

China heavily weighs what it calls the “catch up and surpass” concept when it prepares different tactical moves, the report reads. This has become a huge priority for China since the market crash in 2008 and the rise of China’s president, Xi Jingping. He took over as the head of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012.

As the report reads:

“Beijing has long held the ambition to match the United States as the world’s most powerful and influential nation. Over the past 15 years, as its economic and technological prowess, diplomatic influence and military capabilities have grown, China has turned its focus toward surpassing the United States.”

Tensions between China and the U.S. have reached a significant high, much more so than has been present in recent years. The report points out how publicly critical China has been of America’s leadership. The country’s officials have also more blatantly praised China’s direction for international affairs.

The report partially quotes a speech Xi gave in 2018 that was reprinted last year by the journal Quishi, which is published by the country’s Communist Party. In it, Xi touted China’s signature “socialism with Chinese characteristics,” calling upon his supporters to fulfill their duties to “liberate all of humanity” while serving as the “gravediggers of capitalism.”

Bartholomew said that America needs to take note of all of what’s going on around them with regard to China. On the press call, she said:

“I think that they’re pretty clear on what it is they’re trying to accomplish. And the onus is going to be on us to speak out about and demonstrate the benefits of Western liberal democracy and free market capitalism.”