Chinese Village Sealed Off Over PLAGUE Outbreak

( If you thought the Black Death, or the Bubonic Plague, was a thing of the past then think again. China recently sealed off a village in the northern region of the country after there was an outbreak of the deadly virus. It’s a damning indication that China has a problem with virus control, having recently subjected the world to the outbreak of COVID-19.

CNN reported on Friday that authorities in Inner Mongolia sealed off a village after a resident died from the Bubonic Plague. The death was reported to health authorities on Sunday, and on Thursday, the deceased individual was confirmed to have suffered from the Bubonic Plague.

The Chinese government made the right decision to seal off the village and stop the deadly disease from spreading – a measure that would have been sensible earlier this year when they learned of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. One study suggests that if Chinese authorities had taken action weeks earlier, then some 95% of global cases could have been avoided.

CNN doesn’t like it when Trump calls COVID-19 the China Plague. Will they object when it’s literally the plague?

And, as if this isn’t shocking enough news, it isn’t even the first confirmed case of the Bubonic Plague in China…this year! Reports from last month show how a case of the plague was discovered in the city of Bayannur, which lies to the northwest of capital Beijing.

A teenager also died from the plague last month in Mongolia after eating a marmot that was infected with the disease. Reports said that the Health Ministry of Mongolia confirmed the teenager died from the disease, and that it prompted government action to impose a quarantine on the Gobi-Altai province. All 15 people who had contact with the teenager were also isolated to stop the outbreak of the virus.

The last thing China needs right now is to be responsible for the global outbreak of the Bubonic Plague, so perhaps we should be thankful that they at least pulled out all the stops to ensure this virus doesn’t escape the country too.