Chuck Schumer “Dark Money” Scandal Erupts

( According to new filings, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer increased his anonymous election donations in 2020 by 825%, meaning much of his campaign funds are untraceable.

Who exactly is paying for anti-Trump radical Senator Chuck Schumer?

According to a report from Conservative Review, a nonprofit with connections to Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC, gave $57.4 million in campaign funds to a number of super PACs that helped the Democrats retake the Senate in November of last year. It’s significantly more than the $6.2 million that came from the nonprofit for the 2016 and 2018 elections.

In fact, it’s much more than the amount spent in both of those elections combined.

Where did the huge amount of money come from? Well…nobody knows.

Majority Forward does not disclose donors, meaning it is virtually impossible for anybody to find out who funded the Democrats in their effort to take back the Senate and defeat the Republicans in all three chambers of government in November.

The report showed how Majority Forward’s massive increase in election funds came as a result of a huge fundraising haul that was received between the middle of 2018 and 2019. The group took $76 millions worth of anonymous donations.

They could have come from millions of Americans making small donations…or, perhaps more likely, the cash might have come from huge donors willing to put their money where their mouth is just to get revenge on President Trump.

During 2019, Majority Forward also handed out massive sums to a number of other left-wing nonprofits to help increase voter turnout. The biggest donation was $14.8 million, which was given to “America Votes” – an organization that was soon investigated in Georgia for illegally sending out ballot applications in Georgia to non-citizens.

So let’s get this straight: anonymous money comes in to Majority Forward, donations are forwarded to organizations that encouraged non-voters to apply for ballots, and we’re meant to be fine with an increase of 825% in dark money sent to Senator Chuck Schumer’s campaign?

Conservative Review rightly called out Democrats for having long claimed that “dark money” had no place in politics, while outpacing Republicans in recent years in untraceable donations.

The Center for Responsive Politics revealed how Republicans benefitted from $148 million in dark money and Democrats enjoyed a massive $326 million.

Bloomberg also revealed how President Joe Biden took $145 million in dark funds, with almost $55 million of that coming from the Sixteen Thirty Fund run by Arabella Advisors.

Unsurprisingly, Majority Forward hasn’t responded to requests for comment…and it’s unlikely we’ll hear the Democrats apologize any time soon.