CONFIRMED: Biden To IMMEDIATELY Give Citizenship To Millions Of Illegal Aliens Upon Taking Office

( During an interview with NBC News on Tuesday, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced that he would immediately take steps to give citizenship to potentially more than 20 million illegal aliens in the United States. He said that within the first two months of his presidency, should he take the office in January, he will take the unprecedented step of rewarding millions of criminals with a pathway to citizenship.

“I’m going to make a commitment in the first 100 days, I will send an immigration bill to the United States Senate with a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people in America,” Biden said, referencing out-of-data statistics.

The latest data shows that there are more than 20 million illegal aliens in the United States. A study from Yale published in 2018 found using new mathematical modelling that the number is likely to be north of 22 million.

“I will also be moving to do away with some of the I think very damaging executive orders that have significantly impacted on making the climate worse and making us less healthy,” Biden vaguely claimed.

The announcement will not come as a surprise to anybody familiar with Biden’s previous commitment to significantly increase the number of refugees allowed into the United States. Under President Donald Trump, annual admission of refugees has been reduced to 15,000, but Biden has pledged to increase it to 125,000. It would potentially mean that people who do not fully qualify for refugee resettlement would be allowed entry into the country to meet Biden’s new quota.

What’s more, the Biden campaign has even promised to undo the executive orders signed by President Donald Trump that stopped the processing of employment-based immigration visas during the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to protect the American worker during the biggest economic crisis in modern times, the president took steps to ensure Americans would be at the top of the list for gaining employment in the United States.

Should Biden become president, the success of any such bills put to the Senate would depend on who wins the runoff election in Georgia in January. Two Republican senators are battling to keep their seats in the state, which will determine the party that controls the Senate.

If the Republicans lose in Georgia, Biden could potentially pass hugely damaging, radical left-wing policies through the House and Senate for at least until the 2022 midterms.