CORONA COVER-UP: John Bolton Says WHO is China’s “Accomplice”

(ConservativePeak.Com)- Former National Security Advisor John Bolton might not be in President Trump’s good books right now, but he is speaking a lot of sense about the World Health Organization. Following reports that the WHO assisted China in the coverup of the coronavirus as early as November 2019, Bolton slammed the global organization as an “accomplice” of China.

Writing on Twitter, Bolton also said that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the WHO, should resign.

“The @WHO is an accomplice to China’s massive coverup of Covid19,” he wrote. “That’s why I support efforts by @marcorubio @tedcruz pushing for resignation of WHO director-general.”

Bolton also explicitly said that the director-general “misled the world by blindly trusting a communist regime intent on deception.” He is in good company, too. Several Republican politicians have openly admitted that they believe the WHO is complicit in a coverup and helped the Chinese Communist Party hide the presence of the virus, as well as the knowledge that it can be transmitted between humans.

On April 1, Senator Marco Rubio expressed similar anger with the World Health Organization in an op-ed for the National Review.

“No, the concern stems from WHO’s current leadership, who have regularly demonstrated their servility to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),” he wrote.

“At this moment, Dr. Ghebreyesus is either complicit or dangerously incompetent. Neither possibility bodes well for his future at the helm of this critical organization,” he added.

Strong words.

Senator Rick Scott also called for a congressional investigation into whether the World Health Organization aided China in the coverup of the virus back in late 2019.

While Republicans criticize the WHO, the assistant director-general of the organization is still praising the Chinese government. Dr. Bruce Aylward recently praised the communist government for its “agile and aggressive” response to the virus outbreak.