Crazy? Governor Cuomo Wants To Legalize Weed To Pay For MASSIVE Budget Deficit

( Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who this year oversaw the sending of COVID-19 patients to nursing homes across the state that resulted in the deaths of thousands of vulnerable residents, is planning to pay for his state’s massive budget deficit by legalizing marijuana.

The Democrat-run state is facing a budget deficit of $60 billion through to 2024, and President Donald Trump has signaled that he is unwilling to use federal funds to bail out the state owing to their years of mishandling money.

Cuomo now appears to be suggesting his only way out of the financial mess he has found himself in is legalizing drugs.

“There are a lot of reasons to get it done, but one of the benefits is it also brings in revenue, and all states – but especially this state – we need revenue and we’re going to be searching the cupboards for revenue,” Cuomo said to the Staten Island Advance. “And I think that is going to put marijuana over the top.”

During a virtual event in which the governor promoted his new book about how to handle crises, Cuomo said that he will “soon” legalize the controversial drug.

In order to get it done, however, it will first need to be approved by New York state legislature. This very same proposal has already been put to the state legislature twice before, and it has been rejected both times. State legislatures refused to legalize the drug over disagreements about who would receive the money, and whether or not counties within the state could opt out of the policy on the basis that they disapprove of legalizing drug use.

In the meantime, Governor Cuomo has pushed to roll back criminal punishment for people found to illegally possess marijuana. A bill signed by the governor stripped penalties for people who were found to possess less than two ounces of the drug.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Cuomo announced cuts to services and increases in taxes to address the massive budget deficit, presuming that Congress doesn’t pass another relief package. As it stands, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is refusing to pass a new relief bill unless Republicans agree to include free money for all illegal aliens in the United States.