Crazy Marianne Williamson Says “Media Industrial-Complex” Conspired to Make Her Look Crazy

( Remember Marianne Williamson? She was the Democratic presidential candidate that everybody loved, regardless of politics, because of how bonkers she was. Williamson openly talked about the power of love during the debates, and regularly made reference to peace, love, and spirit. That’s kind of unheard of in politics, but now Williamson thinks it was the media industrial-complex that conspired to make her look a bit crazy.

The former presidential candidate appeared in a Facebook Live discussion on Tuesday in which she talked about leaders in the Democratic Party who she believes worked with the media to make her look crazy. She said she thought it was “pretty clear” that she only made headlines after the first debate because the party was attempting to get her kicked off future debates.

“The craziest things were said about me,” she said. “There is a political media industrial-complex and I think they have a way of protecting their own and suppressing voices that they don’t wish to be on the stage with them,” she added.

While it’s pretty clear that Williamson was a wild card and not a conventional politician, she’s definitely right about the Democratic Party leadership. Bernie Sanders saw it in 2016, and he saw it again in 2020.

“The job of the DNC should not be to, in any way, dictate the process,” she said. “The job of the DNC is to facilitate the process.”

Hey…maybe she has a point to be fair.

Williamson then reached the topic of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. She complained that the Jewish American organization didn’t refer to her as a Jewish woman.

“One of the things that I found really horrible was my erasure by AIPAC and J-Street both,” she said. “They would write articles about how we have two Jews running…Bloomberg and Bernie.”

It looks like Williamson has some real concerns here, but it’s hard for her to claim that it was just the media that conspired to make her look at bit crazy. She told Breitbart last year that she believed Trump promoted a “dark psychic force” and that it needed to be fought with love.